Out Now: The L Magazine’s Summer Fiction Issue

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07/30/2008 3:51 PM |

We at the L are very, very proud to present our third annual summer fiction issue, out now. In it:

“We wandered home from our jobs—tossing alfalfa bales into trucks and filing paperwork in legal offices and draining oil from diesel engines and serving steak-and-egg platters—we wandered home from our jobs here in Tumalo, Oregon, and opened our mailboxes to find, among the bills and catalogues, the same sand-colored envelope. In its center, slightly off-kilter, as if pressed there hurriedly, our
names and addresses appeared printed on a label. There was no return
address, but stamped in the top right corner we read the country of
origin—Iraq.” Run, by Benjamin Percy.

“Marjorie’s father, Poindexter Bantam, was my philosophy professor at Rue University.” Variations on Original Sin (from the novel-in-progress The Dizzies), by Ed Park.

“This Thursday, Berlie is the first to arrive at the Inn, guiding her mom by the hand.” Kids Night, by Kevin A. González.

“He jumped on the bed and copped a boxer’s stance. He asked how she could sit by and let the country be taken over by a fascist regime. She said she sat by and let a lot of things happen. He asked if she thought he’d always work in a coffee shop.” Bring the Heat, by April Wilder.

“I’d almost have hoped to be further on by now but it’s been just so dark today.” Security Grilles, by Adrian Hornsby.

And our Literary Upstart winner, My Dentist, by Lauren Wilkinson: “"Do you know that dentist that lives on the corner?" my super, Orlando, asked as he was unclogging the drain in my tub. "Of course. He’s My Dentist."

PLUS, online-only, our other two very fine Lit Up finalists: Prairie Rocket Fire, by Jackie Thomas, and Pennsylvania: A Guide to Lodging, by Brian Booker. Read these, and pick up a copy so you can have the rest with you, always.

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