Saving Rescued Animals, One Sconce at a Time

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07/08/2008 5:29 PM |

This weekend, buy clothes, furniture and lights from the Giant Tag Sale at Aurora Lampworks–all funds raised go directly to help in the care and feeding of more than 100 rescued animals at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, upstate, like this cow babe.

If you need a light, literally a lighting fixture, not a cigarette lighter, get one this weekend. Plus they’ve got lots more than lights too (clothes, furniture), so if you’re at all in the Williamsburg neighborhood, drop in to see if there’s anything you need to light up your life, emotionally and literally.

Or just click on the WFAS website to get adorable pics and animal bios–plus nasty facts about the meat and dairy industries. That baby cow, by the way–Dylan–was rescued when some people saw him in a dairy farm stuck to the ground by his own feces. And now he lives on the sanctuary farm.

Saturday, July 12th 10am-6pm
Sunday, July 13th 12pm-4pm

Aurora Lampworks Showroom
172 N 11th Street, Williamsburg
Rain or shine. Bonus info here.

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