The City Sweet Tooth

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07/16/2008 4:48 PM |

Ring the sugar bell!!!! It’s almost time to go home AND it’s time for cartoonist Abby Denson‘s bi-weekly delicious L Mag column, The City Sweet Tooth, in which she bravely investigates the finest sweetnesses and confections that New York City has birthed from its candy uterus. This one is about her recent trip to the Fancy Food Show, which she gave us a preview of earlier this month. Mmmmm fancy foods. And then if your sweet e-tooth needs more Sweet Tooth, check out past installments.

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  • Yum yum yum yum yum watermelon yum yum

  • In Hawaii, it is referred to as shave ice, minus the ‘d’ in shaved. Anything else is an icee.

  • I was wondering about that since some places online it was referred to as “shaved ice” and others “shave ice”. Thanks for the tip! I definitely like it better than the usual snow cones bec. I think the ice is fluffier. I don’t know if anyone else in NYC makes this. It’s the only place I’ve seen so far.