Weekend Without Makeup

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07/18/2008 2:35 PM |

The Siren Festival is on Saturday. Yeah the train back from Coney Island afterwards is the most cramped, sweaty, dehydrated subway experience of your life, but hey, it’s Coney Island (with all the boardwalking, Nathan’s scarfing possibilities implied therein), and Times New Viking, Beach House, Islands, Broken Social Scene and Stephen Malkmus and Whoever are all bands I’d pay to see… so. Whatever. I’m not the boss of you.

And there’s more free outdoor music at Central Park Summerstage on Sunday: Santogold, whose L.E.S. Artistes is maybe new song I’ve listened to most this year, and also Diplo, long at the vanguard of the crate digging-as-globetrotting DJ style.

And the Walter Reade Theater is currently spotlighting the cinema of Slovenia, which is worth checking out if only because if not now when. The 2002 film Guardian of the Frontier, for instance, which plays on Saturday (and again on Tuesday), concerns three canoe-tripping students, whose “pleasure cruise becomes a journey into fear, tinged perhaps with the supernatural, when the young women discover that the woods hide not only the border between Slovenia and Croatia, but also that between the permissible and the forbidden.” It’s supposedly “an erotic and menacing fairy tale”, but aren’t they are.

Ok I have to go now.

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