Divorcees: “I’m Losing My Mind”

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08/01/2008 10:32 AM |

Oh great, if you get divorced you have a higher chance of literally going insane. By insane I mean suffering from dementia and Alzheimers, which is not actually “insane” but is akin, although I don’t think there’s a place in the medical lexicon for the word “insane” anyway. I’m sorry Mrs. Davidson, but you have insanity.

It seems to depend on whether you’re partnered up or alone by around age 50, in midlife. If you’re alone you have a higher susceptibility to forms of dementia as you age. This reminds me of the much-lambasted Atlantic article from Lori Gottleib about how it’s better to settle rather than end up alone because you never found “perfect, happily-ever-after true love.”

It’s looking pretty grim, isn’t it. Meanwhile, I’m going to brush my hair and look at menus.

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  • I’m picking up my Slipper Genies from Stace’s then

    springing Mrs. Davidson from Bellevue to go drink some rose with Chantal. These girls sound awesome.