New York City Fringe Festival

08/20/2008 12:00 AM |

52 Man Pickup
Venue #6: The Jazz Gallery
Thu 14 at 7:45pm
Mon 18 at 9:15pm
Wed 20 at 5:30pm
Thu 21 at 10pm
Sat 32 at 3pm
Comedian Desiree Burch’s one-woman show inspires laughs and empathy for the unappeasable urban sexual rover (meaning you).

Big Thick Rod
Venue #10: The New School for Drama Theater
Sun 10 at 2pm
Mon 11at 7:45pm
Thu 14 at 5:45pm
Wed 20 at 9:30pm
Fri 22 at 9:30pm
Who should you have sex with, and why? Your three-armed gardener? A bunch of Japanese tourists?

Choose Your Own Play

Venue #19: CSV Cultural and Education Center Milagro
Mon 11 at 7pm
Wed 13 at 3:15pm
Fri 15 at 9:30pm
Mon 18 at 5:15pm
Thu 21 at 9:30pm
You’re standing on the porch. The huge, snarling bull is running straight towards you at top speed. Do you run inside the house?  Do you try to distract him with your red t-shirt? You choose the ending.

Dreadful Penny’s Exquisite Horrors (
Venue #4: The Deluxe At Spiegelworld
Wed 13 at 5:15pm
Thu 14 at 8pm
Fri 15 at 6pm
Sat16 at 4pm
Sat16 at 8:15pm
Audience discretion is advised for this Rabelaisian sideshow fantasy, although whatever it is can’t be worse than the San Gennaro Festival and there are a ton of kids at that.

Hot Cripple (
Venue#19: CSV Cultural and Education Center Milagro
Fri 8 at 9:45pm
Mon11 at 4:45pm
Wed 13 at 7:30pm
Fri 22 at 4pm
Sun 24 at 12pm
A riotous romp through America’s health care and welfare systems.

The Johnny

Venue #1: The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts
Sun 10 at 12:30pm
Thu 14 at 7:15pm
Sat 16 at 2pm
Sun 17 at 9pm
Sat 23 at 7pm
Catch up with all of those blonde meatheads from the John Waters movies, twenty years down the road. Your mom was right–it’s better not to peak in high school.

Love is Dead: A NecRomantic Musical Comedy (
Venue #15: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street-The Bleecker Street Theatre
Sat 9 at 9:30pm
Sun 10 at 2:45pm
Tue 12 at 5pm
Wed 13 at 7pm
Thu 14 at 4:15pm
Yep. Dead people.

Lucasville: The Untold Story of a Prison Uprising

Venue#11: The Barrow Street Theatre
Fri 8 at 9:30pm
Sat 9 at 12pm
Sat 9 at 7pm
Sun 10 at 5pm
A play based on court testimony and recordings demonstrates how the state of Ohio will soon murder five innocent people.

Mirrors of Chartres Street: Faulkner in New Orleans/New Orleans in Faulkner

Venue #7: The SoHo Playhouse
Fri 8 at 10pm
Sat 9 at 4:45pm
Sun 10 at 12:30pm
Mon 11 at 5:30pm
Tue 12 at 3:15pm
The 1920’s: an unknown William Faulkner records the lawless lives of the people of New Orleans while drinking unfathomable amounts of bourbon.

Operation Adelmo (
Venue #4: The Deluxe at Spiegelworld
Fri 8 at 10pm
Tue 12 at 9:15pm
Sat 16 at 12:15pm
Tue 19 at 9:15pm
Wed 20 at 5pm
Everything you loved about your childhood birthday parties is back: clowns, kazoos, Bugs Bunny, banjos, showgirls.

Paper Dolls

Venue #13: The Players Theatre
Wed 13 at 7pm
Sat 16 at 12:45pm
Thu 21 at 7pm
Fri 22 at 4:45pm
Sat 23 at 9:45pm
NYC gossip columnist Claire Cunningham gets in a huff when she starts making appearances on Page Six herself.

Venue #12: The Players Theatre
Sat 9 at NOON
Mon 11 at 7:45pm
Thu 14 at 5pm
Sat 16 at 9:45pm
Wed 20 at 3:30pm
Does anyone ever get tired of hearing about the people living underground in the NYC subway system?

The Refugee Girls Revue: A Musical Parody (
Venue #16: Theatre 80
Sun 17 at 9pm
Tue19 at 9:45pm
Wed 20 at 4:15pm
Fri 22 at 5pm
Sat 23 at 5pm
Inspired by the ubiquitous American Girl franchise, a cast of Second City alums takes a musical journey through the lives of some other American girls.

Scratch (
Venue #19: CDV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Milagro
Sat 9 at 7:15pm
Sun 10 at 4:45pm
Mon 11 at 2:30pm
Fri 15 at 5pm
Sun 17 at 9:45pm
An update on Euripides showcases the darkly comic side of Medea’s personality. Fun with filicide!

See How Beautiful I Am: The Return of Jackie Susann

Venue #7: The SoHo Playhouse
Fri 8 at 4pm
Sat 9 at 10pm
Fri 15 at 5:30pm
Sat 16 at 5:30pm
Sun 17 at 12:30pm
The West End’s Deborah Weston stars as the Valley of the Dolls author, our Virgil in Los Angeles: the pit of human existence.

Self-Portrait as Schiele (
Venue #17: The Connelly Theater
Sat 9 at 9:45pm
Sat 16 at 2:45pm
Tue 19 at 4:45pm
Thu 21 at 8pm
Sat 23 at 2:45pm
A young American artist is haunted by everyone’s favorite Austrian Expressionist.  Warning! Real-time nudity.

That Dorothy Parker (
Venue #7: The SoHo Playhouse
Sun 10 at 9pm
Mon11 at 9:45pm
Sat 16 at 3:15pm
Wed 20 at 3pm
Sun 24 at NOON
The Constant Reader’s reanimated in this one-woman show to talk about Vogue, the Round Table, and her hand in the Spanish Civil War.

Untitled Masterpiece (
Venue #11: The Barrow Street Theatre
Sun 10 at 9:45pm
Tue 12 at 3:45pm
Sat 16 at NOONpm
Wed 20 at 5:15pm
Fri 22 at 8:15pm
Recent college grads know there are no jobs available, but do our lives have to be reduced to inane tv-show parodies?


Venue#14: Theatres at 45 Bleecker St: The Lafayette
Sun 10 at 9:45pm
Thu 14 at 5:45pm
Fri 15 at 3:30pm
Tue 19 at 7:15pm
Sat 23 at 7:30pm
In a kind of fringe take on Funny Games, a middle-class, suburban family is taken hostage by its dinner guests and forced to act out cruel politics.

XY(T) (
Venue #13: The Players Loft
Sat 9 at 5:30pm
Sun 10 at 7pm
Wed 13 at 5:15pm
Fri 15 at 7pm
Sat 16 at 2:15pm
Mon 18 at 7pm
Fri 22 at 3:30pm
Transgender butch Kestryl Cael pursues his own masculinity and we all get to feel less secure in our gender identities in this carousing caper for the queer theory set.

Behold! The Bowery! (
Venue #17: The Connelly Theater
Fri 8 at 6:45pm
Tue 12 at 8:45pm
Thu 14 at 7pm
Sun 17 at NOON
Fri 22 at 3pm
Turn-of-the-century Bowery bums offer New Yorkers a less Jamba Juiced vision of the city’s fabled street. Joseph Mitchell fans, rejoice!

China: The Whole Enchilada (
Venue #1: The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts
Fri 8 at 9:30pm
Tue 12 at 3:45pm
Sat 16 at 6:45pm
Fri 22 at 5pm
Sun 24 at NOON
A 90 minute race through the history of the people’s republic that’s on everybody’s mind.