Subway Spotting: Tie Skirts

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08/27/2008 11:00 AM |
Subway Spotting is a reoccurring feature I just made up, in which I will talk about the people and things I stare at on the subway when I’m too tired to read my book.

It must be turning into fall, because the girls are starting to bring their craft projects onto the subway. I’m used to seeing stuff like knitting, or maybe the occasional crocheted scarf. But on the F train this morning, I watched a woman embroider a tie skirt in her seat. I just spent 20 minutes looking for a picture of a Blossom-era Mayim Biyalik to properly illustrate this post with 90s magic, but I can’t find one, so you’ll have to imagine it and instead appreciate her flowered hat and man-shorts. Which, I must say, am now totally respecting as a pretty decent homage to Annie Hall. Did Blossom like Woody Allen? I can’t remember, although I do recall she was fairly neurotic about, um, everything.

Anyway, tie skirts: making a come-back?

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