What I’m ____ing Now: Vital Juice Daily

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08/01/2008 10:02 AM |

The weekly dose of what I’m ____ing. This week, I’m subscribing to stuff online.

This isn’t breaking news, but I’ve been addicted to Vital Juice Daily since it came out several months ago. Basically, it’s a beautiful newsletter (all pale oranges and greens, like a visual smoothie) that comes to your inbox every morning with links to useful health-, environment- and beauty-related info. Usually the links have a theme (summer skincare, build a better salad, fitness toys, etc.), or sometimes they’re just collections of interesting facts, like today’s, which is about–among other topics–alternate uses for beer, how an ill-fitting bra can hurt your breasts, the bad chemicals in some laundry products, and what the difference between “green” and “organic” is, which comes as a surprise to no one, but is still a nice refresher.

I doubt people pat themselves on the back very much for signing up for e-newsletters, but every morning I’m genuinely glad to receive it. The timing is good too–in the morning it’s like a tasty e-breakfast, a pretty encouragement to do a good job today.

It’s on the girlier side, but if you can stomach the occasional mention of breasts and/or healthy manicures, you’ll do great.

**Oh, and you can sign up for a New York-specific newsletter too, which lets you know about which places around the city are doing good things. Useful.