Checking In On Fashion Week: Tardies Issued To Kanye. Renee and Diane Von Furstenberg

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09/09/2008 4:00 PM |

The runway slideshows make me want to buy and buy until I’m so in debt my family has to get Suze Orman to save me from myself. But this can’t happen, cause frankly that lady scares the hair follicles out of me. So, allow me to take the focus off the pretty and the trendy and instead discuss WHO IS MUCKING UP THE WORKS so far at Fashion Week.

Oh, it really isn’t that bad, but it’s fun to pretend. See, even the CFDA president herself can’t quite get her show started on time! Aw, Diane Von Furstenberg wasn’t really that late, although the same can’t be said for Kanye West, who breezed in 57 minutes past start-time for Thakoon. (Was he busy blogging or something?) And Renee Zellweger, who is basically Carolina Herrera’s living, breathing celebrity advertisement, traipsed onto the designer’s set nearly a full half-hour past the 10 am call. Business as usual! At least André Leon Tally looks utterly jolly from his third row seat. Whattaguy!

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