Crying A Little Inside: Oxford Shirts Are Now Dresses

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09/16/2008 5:02 PM |

It’s probably because they’re selling them at American Apparel. Right?
Hilariously, Dov Charney’s models are styled wearing leggings with their
button-downs. These girls appear to be old-fashioned primmy prims compared to what else is lurking out there.

A friend of mine, who lives in a blissfully season-less place called San Diego, just asked, through the magic of GChat, what people are wearing for fall in New York City.

Oh! I told her. They are WEARING NO PANTS.

Catching up with the Sartorialist (busy man!) I found documentation (see right) that this sans-pants horrorshow of a trend is spreading like a social disease on that one super oh-they-went-there episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation, in which Emma navigated the wild labyrinth of Hook-Up Culture. Anyway, I couldn’t feel more helplessly frustrated about it all. And I’m frankly more than a little afraid of what Mark will say when he reads this.

So pictured is a nice looking young woman by the name of Kate Sweb — Sart commenters have noted she is some sort of event person about town, and they seem fairly split down the middle about the merit of this shirt-as-dress look. Now, I’m sure she has access to lots of very fashionable, lovely threads. And she has nice stems! Which brings me to why? Why look as if you’re doing a rather inelegant walk of shame on purpose? Throw on a slim pencil skirt! Rock a pair of skinny jeans! I’d even settle for sheer tights at this juncture, because a happy black belt around your midriff does not transform your Oxford into a frock, no matter how pretty your smile is (and it’s very pretty!). The slightest gust of wind could be the end of you, Kate, and I will not be following you with a basket of free pants to save you from yourself. I beg you to reconsider.

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  • If elected, I promise a basket of free pants for every block in New York.

  • why so afraid of delicious legs? you know, you’re not much of a columnist or cultural reporter. don’t try and scare all of those females out there who think their legs are not beautiful into thinking they can’t dress this way or that way. are you afraid of it because you are self conscious and scared or jealous? don’t be. or, better idea, how about you talk about what IS beautiful to you? i don’t like your writing style or content. but maybe i’m missing something and the L’s reader is 14 and living in upstate ny? with all the ‘tv shows’ and ‘we hate what she’s wearing’ posts. positivity is positive, remember that. i don’t know, maybe even try it.

  • I happen to think the girl in the photo is beautiful, which I stated several times. But I also feel she’s minimizing her beauty by wearing a shirt as a dress. The lovely thing about fashion as an art is that there’s room for lots of opinions.

    I’m sorry you don’t enjoy the television, but it is part of our culture, and a viable topic of conversation. Thanks for your comment!