Get Yr. Hot Buttered New York Film Festival Coverage Here, Soon (And Get Yr. Hot Buttered NYFF Tickets Here [On the Internet, I Mean], Now, Provided They Are Not Sold Out

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09/10/2008 9:00 AM |

So the New York Film Festival (“Always in September”) is coming beginning at the end of this month, featuring a lot of movies you’ll get a chance to see later in the year when they open to acclaim (Changeling, A Christmas Tale, Wendy and Lucy, Ashes of Time Redux[!!!]) and a lot of movies that’ll struggle to get distribution (Che; movies by people you’ve never heard of), all of which are probably mostly sold out already. (NB: I actually have no idea whether or not this is the case; tickets went on sale online at the beginning of the week; you’re welcome to look around.) Mostly, though, the NYFF is a chance for film critics to stand around eating complimentary croissants and asking each other, “So, what have you liked so far?” (Right? Certainly not to spark critical dialogue and audience anticipation of high- and lower-profile international releases culled from the summer’s European festival circuit.)

To that end, then, let this post serve as something of a preview for coming attractions, with the coming attractions in this case being 1,000-word blog posts, by me, about movies you won’t get a chance to see until next Spring when IFC First Take gives them two weekends to reach an audience. Hurray, hurray, watch this space starting on September 26. (And get tickets for 24 City, Night and Day, Tokyo Sonata and Summer Hours, if any are left, and you want to have any idea what I’m talking about/care about international cinema.)

(Pictured, incidentally, for those of you who care as I know at least one of you definitely does.)

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