Sex Advice from a Goose: The End of the Affair?

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09/08/2008 9:00 AM |

Dear Audrey Gary,
I’ve been married for four years, and for the first three, it was total heaven. My wife is very understanding, lets me do things all the other girls I have dated wouldn’t, and is a musician like me — we have a great time.

A little over a year ago, I met this woman at a party (I’m 33, btw, my wife 27), flirted, kissed briefly and two weeks later met and hooked up. I wanted to make very clear that I was married, that there was no romance in sight, that if she wanted to fuck me, so be it. She agreed.

Holy shit, HOT sex! Her pussy is the right size and feel for me, we fucked a lot, and we got involved a little more than just fucking. It was great for a year and three months.

My thing about this woman is that she’s a mind fuck for me: she’s intelligent, smart, firm, and she teaches me a lot of things. She is a painter and, well, like I said, a mind fuck — I love her brain and her pussy.

Now, the relationship with this other woman has changed, we don’t fuck as much, and I feel a little contempt from her towards me, mainly because I don’t "know" as much stuff as she does. Funny, it’s the same way I feel toward my wife! But I am going to stay with my wife, because, well, she’s my woman.

I guess my question is, should I keep or dump this other woman, knowing that I’ll be giving away the best cumming ever, OR do I just take her shit in stride, not pay attention, and whenever she wants to fuck me, just fuck, like in the past?

Dear Sir,
From your query, we are to understand that you are 33, a musician, and have been married for four years to another musician, who is 27. Presumably you live in New York; there has been some friction in your marriage over your wife’s perceived (by you, at least) intellectual superiority. Also there is now presumably some friction in your marriage over the fact that you shared what is very obviously you and your wife’s life story in a letter to a sex column; and the fact that you have a secret mistress who you like to fuck more than you like to fuck your wife. I am but a humble goose, sir, but it seems to me that there is a lesson here, and that lesson is, when asking a question about mistresses (or venereal diseases) of a local magazine, it is probably better to change a few nonessential biographical details because, o noes, you haz a miztrez and now everyone knows.