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10/08/2008 5:02 PM |

We here at The L are still calmly waiting (i.e. taking “breaks” to walk around outside for hours and emailing out frantic “sent from my iPhone” updates — so Blair!) for the cast of Gossip Girl to show up in our hood. While I count down the hours till my life changes, I’ve just been wondering if anyone has spotted the new kids from The Real World: IKEA!! out and about. If so, can you give us some dirt on the cast, their drinking habits, and whether they’ve gotten in any public scuffles with Red Hook residents?

In pseudo-memorium of what will never be again, here is your gratuitous recap of the first season of The Real World: New York, which we all like to reminisce about because this was back when it really was SO REAL and utterly ground-breaking, and like, totally on the bleeding edge. Of something.

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  • That time that guy tried to be my congressman was, ironically, kind of surreal.

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  • How did you get here so quick? That’s some kind of amazing fourth-generation Google Alert shit, there.

    Anyway it’s good to know that the fact that the 2008 elections haven’t, you know, happened yet is not going to prevent Mr. Powell from powering forward on his 2010 campaign.