Your Ballin’ Weekend

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12/05/2008 5:00 PM |

Go shopping for a ball gown for there are balls, multiple balls to attend on Saturday night, please be careful pinning the corsage (this is the husky voice of experience saying that).

The first ball is a Biblioball, a ball for books! It is staged by the probable best people in New York, The Desk Set, the group for librarians and the people who love them, it is at Glasslands from 8pm until 4am, it features live music and DJs (including music journo Rob Sheffield) and comedy and raffles and baked goods and stuff, and all of the proceeds will buy books for incarcerated and detained New York youths. It is so awesome that even the flyer is a mock-up of a Penguin Classic.

The other ball is a Bowieball, at Santos Party House, a ball for people who like David Bowie, as we all do. There are DJs, “fashion installations”(?), burlesque, glamorous performances, a lot of other stuff, a better dress code than your prom, and lots of glamorous glamorous people, one assumes. Probably there will be a very long wait to go to the bathroom. (Admission is $20 at the door, $10 via the linked-to website if you mention co-host Zachary David Palmer.)

I should warn you that, ball or no ball, anyone wearing a tiara will be shot on sight, in my head.