Dear Internet

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02/18/2009 10:00 AM |

If you are so fucking great all the time, with the Twits and the Tubes and the future and whatnot, how come you don’t have Tom Rubnitz’s Made for TV anywhere on you?

Back when the then-nomadic New Museum did their East Village USA exhibit, one of my favorite things that I saw was Made for TV, a low-budge Jordan Almonds-colored Cindy-Sherman-on-a-whole-case-of-Jolt-Cola video starring the great Ann Magnuson (best known, to me at least, as the pipe-cleaner in Chris Elliott’s Cabin Boy) as the entirety of the broadcast spectrum. (You can watch, like, a minute of it here.) So I guess instead of getting my entire life for free on the internet, I’m going to have to go to Light Industry tonight, to see a program of Rubnitz’s work — lots of absurdly kitschy, often queer performance-scene stuff from the downtown 80s. Including the cult-followed Pickle Surprise, embedded below (ok internet you win this round at least):