And By Their Author Photos You Shall Know Them

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03/30/2009 3:22 PM |

Authors, I mean. The “them” referred to in the title of this post is “authors.”

Why? Well, because them will be at Pacific Standard tonight, walking around, presumably cringing in anticipation of being talked to by hordes of unwashed aspiring authors (“you”).

It’s a Writer/Reader Mingle and Book Swap, started by New York’s best librarian run social network, The Desk Set. Drop off the books you don’t want, and leave with the books you do (some of them brought by authors! I sure do hope that I will be first to snatch up an advance reader’s edition of some book that Philip Gourevitch politely declined to blurb). And lots of these books will be donated to Books Through Bars, a nonprofit which stocks prison libraries, on the off chance that any inmates need a break from preparing their appeals.