Drink to Moving On?

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03/03/2009 3:30 PM |

So, should we have a truth commission that could eventually recommend the appointment of a special prosecutor to pursue charges against high-level Bush Administration figures who encouraged the top-down shattering of all sorts of American and international law during their jerry-rigged war on an abstract and ill-defined concept? Of course we should.

It’s pretty pathetic that actually figuring out how our democracy went off the rails, investigating criminal acts, and prosecuting criminals for the sake of our own credibility and moral clarity is considered an untenable expenditure of political capital, but then again fewer and fewer idiots will cry “politically motivated witch hunt!” the more news comes out like has come out this week: the CIA destroyed 92 videotapes of detainee interrogations! More hilarious John Yoo memos!

Of course, if Obama is really honestly not interested in doing this — and Eric Holder signing off on these disclosures isn’t an attempt to sway public opinion — then I guess there’s a clear compromise solution to his political dilemma: pardons for everyone! Seriously, blanket pardons to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Al Gonzales, et cetera, for crimes they may have committed. Like Ford with Nixon. I would almost be ok with the closing-off of future inquiries, just to see how mad Cheney gets about the historically irrevocable assumption of wrongdoing. (Hopping mad, assuming he can walk again.) Kind of a moral let-down, but hilarious.