Online Viewing Tip

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03/31/2009 9:00 AM |

Apparently “the typical L Magazine audience” loves Wes Anderson and
wishes to marry him, which is why our summer movie series typically
features no fewer than three (3) films de Wes. So you should watch this, you’ll like it.

What it is, is a video essay, the first in a series of five, by Matt
Zoller Seitz, on Anderson’s influences. Which makes sense, his
filmography is such a good playground for games of spot-the-influence
that it’s a wonder this hasn’t been done before — side-by-side stills
and clips (especially the Magnificent Ambersons stuff) is exactly what
this “internet” thing can do that print can’t, so I’m glad to see this
happening and eagerly await more such goodness (as well as a
continuation of Seitz’s thesis, which seems to be about how Anderson
captures the state between childhood and maturity by tinkering with
beloved toys).