Your Local (is also Punch’s local)

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03/04/2009 10:00 AM |

The New York Times, as you may have heard, is dying, because of the internet. This is especially true of their local coverage, which is has found itself swamped by large and small neighborhood blogs and messageboards, which with their unbeatable area of interest-to-contributors ratio, like a million micro-Brooklyn Papers enabled by low overhead.

So if you can’t circle the wagons, stick a feather behind your ear and pretend to be an Indian: say hello to The Local, a new Times blog on Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. Congratulations, New York Times, your blog is very much like its competition, especially the parts about hideously self-absorbed residents of lovely but overrun neighborhoods engaging in neighborhood turf wars, gentrification hand-wringing and piteously narrow-focused crank-filings in the comments section. God, people on the internet are so awful. If it ever becomes feasible to start a Baghdadist, I quit all news, forever.

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  • For a blog about Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, it certainly has a rather Park Slopian vibe to it…He admits it, but still…Why start a blog about Fort Greene (called The Local) if you have a blogger who lives in Park Slope?