Arlen Specter Is Now a Democrat; What Do the Bitterz Think?

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04/28/2009 1:21 PM |

Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, an intelligent and pretty honorable guy (especially for a senator), is now a Democrat, partly because he has a better chance of being reelected as one, and partly because he’s an intelligent and pretty honorable guy. So, with apologies to my boss, I’m going to delve into the gloopy tar pit of furious impotent rhetoric that is the comments section at Free Republic, to see what the bleed-red Bitterz think of all this. You’ll thank me someday.

“Kinda like Barney Fwank switched parties”, says “Oldeconomybuyer”, referring to the Massachusetts representative Barney Frank, who is gay, which presumably means that at one point, long ago, he “switched parties” from the “heterosexual” party to the “gay orgy party” party. I guess? This is a confusing comment. Also confusing is the reply to this comment, from “Sig Sauer P220”, who says, “I’m sure Frank has met a lot of Sphincters.” Is that a pun? (Sig Sauer is the American wing of a Swiss munitions firm that made guns for the Nazis.)

“Dog doo is to good for Specters fellow democrat, illegal loving Karl Rove”, says commenter “org.whodat”, who really wants to feed dog doo and worse to Karl Rove — so badly, in fact, does he burn for sweet taboo-busting dom-sub interface with Karl Rove that he could not help but burst out with it, here, in this comments thread about Arlen Specter.

“Kevl”, remembering that Specter is a cancer survivor, suggests, “Some ‘old farts’ like Specter have major medical problems. Specter is likely suffering from ‘chemo brain’…and I’m serious about that.” Oh, good, because here I thought he was kidding about that.

And, speaking for many, “Tarpon” asks: “Will he take McCain and his dopey daughter with him?”

Oh, and thanks, “gondramB”, for this.

Ok I think I have to be done now.