College Kids Cover Asher Roth

04/27/2009 4:23 PM |

In a recent installment of Popscene, Mark Asch and I both basically took a pass on writing about Asher Roth’s “I Love College,” opting to dial it in with a couple quick one-liners instead of trying to fully explain how truly terrible it really is, our reasoning being that we didn’t have nearly enough space. (Fortunately, Pitchfork‘s Ian Cohen picked up our slack.)

The song’s been on my mind (and on the radio, constantly) ever since, and now Videogum has posted videos of five college kids covering the song on acoustic guitar. It’s amazing. I really like the first first guy, who, right before playing, says, “This song is so badass” and is almost certainly date-raping someone right now. My favorite, though, is the second guy, who sounds exactly like Lou Reed, as long as you don’t look at him.