Cream to Reunite! Oh Wait, You Said Creed, Didn’t You? Fuck.

04/27/2009 3:36 PM |

When there is only one band keeping your band from being the single worst band of an entire decade, you’re sorta fucked. And when the one band that’s just a tiny bit more abhorrent than your band is Limp Bizkit, you are extra super double fucked. The decade is the 90s, and the band is Creed, who are getting back together for a summer/fall tour that’s set to kick off in Pittsburgh on August 16th.

Sadly, they’ve got plans to make a record, too. In an interview with Rolling Stone, singer Scott Stapp said, “We’ve reached out to Brendan O’Brien, Mutt Lange, Bob Rock, Steve Lillywhite and six or seven more,” and even though that’s where the thought ends, I assume they left out the part where he said, “…but not a single one of them has returned our call.”

I’d list the dates for you, but you’re better than that, people. I know you are.