Don’t Be So Temperamental!

04/30/2009 3:25 PM |

d993/1241119038-temperamentals.pngA buzz-oozing new show goes into previews tonight at the Barrow Group Studio Theater, all about the early history of America’s gay rights movement during the straight-laced 50s. The Temperamentals focuses on two men afflicted with two of that period’s greatest phobias: homosexuality and communism. (Well, only one of them is a commy, but the other is from Eastern Europe so close enough.) In case you haven’t seen Todd Haynes’ Far From Heaven, such deviance from the norm didn’t go over well in those days, and yet, as The Temperamentals recounts, Rudi Gernreich (played by Michael Urie) and Harry Hay (played by Thomas Jay Ryan) managed to start the country’s first gay rights group. As we enter a summer of gay marriages throughout more and more of the country (yay!), don’t miss this early chapter in American gay rights history.