F Train Blind Item

04/22/2009 7:18 AM |

This morning on the F train, I sat beside two men, probably in their mid-20s, both wearing standard rock-dude garb: fancy jeans, pointy boots, leather bomber jackets, silly hats, etc. One was British and apparently in a band. His friend, whom I believe he’d run into on the train, was asking him a series of questions about an upcoming tour he was going on with his band. They got to talking about venues, and the guy in the band, the British one, said:

“I mean, it’s not like I need champagne backstage, but if they can’t even get it together enough to be able to provide it for us, then it makes us wonder if they’ll be willing or able, even, to pay us for the show.”

Maybe I’m naive, but it wouldn’t make me wonder about that at all. Who could this have been? They had a record coming out in October, and that’s pretty much all I know. Guesses?

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