If You Only Watch One Thing Tonight…

04/27/2009 12:24 PM |

After years of pretending televisions can only be used to watch all the super-cool movies you get from Netflix every day, we’re finally amping up our coverage of the medium. Check in daily for posts like this one, as well as reviews, recaps and much more.

You’ve got lots of TV options this evening, which is nice, because if you go outside, you are definitely going to get swine flu. You could go with Dancing With the Stars (8pm, ABC), even though it’s a foregone conclusion that the dude whose ass featured prominently in the Sex and the City movie is going to win. And am I alone here, or has anyone else considered the possibility that the show’s producers will have to get all new professional dancers at some point very soon because, as the show continues to grow in popularity, the pros have developed their own loyal fanbases who will to vote for them regardless of whether their celebrity partner can dance? Basically, what I’m saying is that I can’t be the only one who votes for Julianne every week because she seems so likable, can I?

Tonight is also the season-three finale of Heroes (9pm, NBC), and I’m sad to report that I’ve lost touch with the show. Apparently there’s a Sylar/Nathan showdown on the menu, so that should be fun. I’m gonna go ahead and predict that Sylar will come out on top, most likely thanks to a something having to do with his crazy-ass eyebrows.

But! If you only watch one thing tonight, it should be Gossip Girl (8pm, CW), obviously, because you live in New York and it is your responsibility. And because Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) is coming back as a born-again Christian.

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  • Our first ever hockey post. I am going to cry. [cries]

  • you know I’m watching this. best series so far was Ducks killing the Sharks. Best commercial was Canada’s Worst Handyman reality show thing. How do you quantify that? He died on his first job? Crazy.