Out Now: The L Magazine’s Brooklyn Issue

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04/01/2009 2:45 PM |

Who the hell lives in Manhattan anymore, anyway? We don’t know, that’s for sure, and that’s why we’ve just put out our annual issue dedicated to life in the absolute center of the galaxy.

Are you a real Brooklynite? We’re all pretty wrapped up in Cred, Do We Deserve to Be Here, et cetera. Local pride (Bed-Stuy holla) and gentrification anxiety, all in one. So take our Brooklyn Cred Quiz, check the answers, and see if you deserve to be here or if you should just move to Gramercy or Yorkville and then slink away quietly once you turn 30.

Turns out there’s life in NYC beyond Brooklyn; in You Say Brooklyn, I Say Manhattan, we introduce you to that strange, faraway land known as “Manhattan”. It’s not so scary, though! Many of your favorite local institutions have something like equivalents in Manhattan.

And, because the boom that’s defined Brooklyn over the past decade seems to be cycling to “bust”, we’ve invited old-school Brownstoner L.J. Davis to pen a Letter to a Young Brooklyn offering a bit of perspective on the tumultuous life of Brooklyn real estate.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Brooklyn is Fashionville, Brooklyn is , Brooklyn is neighborhoods. Brooklyn is hipsters who really really like Peter Bjorn and John and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Brooklyn is where The L Magazine lives, so if you deserve to be here you’ll pick up a copy, oui?