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It is exceedingly rare that we willingly play along with bands who insist on having grammatical and stylistic errors as part of their names, but we are making an official exception for pow wow! (lowercase letters and exclamation point very much theirs), a band full of Jersey kids who relocated to Greenpoint, despite it being absolutely impossible to get a pork roll, egg and cheese anywhere in the neighborhood. They play indie-pop that borrows from much more than the fuzzed-out 80s and early-90s fare that’s so popular all over the city these days, managing to avoid the “revivalist” tag with just enough hints of the Velvet Underground, Modern Lovers and Magnetic Fields. The melodies are non-stop, the vibe laid-back but somehow menacing and sunny at the same time, and the harmonies lift the whole thing to a new level. They’ve got three EPs coming out in the next few months via Brooklyn start-up Stunning Models on Display.

When did the band form?

Where was your first NYC show?

Club Europa, June 2006.

Describe the process by which you typically book shows in the city.
E-mail. Fake personas. Imitations. And intimidation.

What’s the most/least you’ve ever been paid for a local show?
NOTHING. And the most wasn’t over 200 dollars.

For what NYC band would you sacrifice your spot on this list? Must
name one, lest you seem selfish.

Our favorite NYC band right now is a tie between Los Basement and the Beets. Would willingly give up our spot for either of the two.

Is there a current trend in the NYC music scene which you find particularly irritating? One you find inspiring or meaningful?
I think Mikey said this best: white kids can’t dance. That’s irritating. The most inspiring? Well… that white kids STILL can’t dance.

Do you ever consider moving the band to another city?
We’re currently being propositioned to move to Austin by a good number of our friends who are moving there by summer’s end. And by our “friends” we mean a good chunk of the rotating cast of characters who make up what we call “our own little traveling circus,” so that’s kinda sad to think about. The other obvious place we’d consider is L.A. You know, for the neon-colored sluts or whatever.

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