Q: I heard about Swine Flu but I don’t care to research its history or transmission. Can I eat bacon?

04/27/2009 10:53 AM |

A: I lived in a state of denial during the recent pistachio recall because the chances were slim that I’d come across a contaminated nut and, well, Momofuku‘s soft serve is the only good thing in my life right now. But Swine Flu shouldn’t impact anyone’s eating habits, as the World Health Organization tells Australian news:

Swine influenza has not been shown to be transmissible to people through eating properly handled and prepared pork (pig meat) or other products derived from pigs. The swine influenza virus is killed by cooking temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius, corresponding to the general guidance for the preparation of pork and other meat.

In fact the odds of you getting Swine Flu, even if you French a pig, are pretty low. So hang onto your Bacones, good people of the starting-to-get-old-now bacon fad. And take off the surgical mask, you look like an idiot.