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Savoir Adore got its start as a two-piece consisting of singer-songwriter Deidre Muro on keyboards, and Paul Hammer on drums. As the tale goes, they took a trip to a small town in Upstate New York, conceiving a story along the way about an affair between a student and a professor. Holed up in Hammer’s parents’ house, the two would turn the story into the songs that made up their debut EP, The Adventures of Mr. Pumpernickel and the Girl With the Animals in Her Throat. It’s a strange little twelve-song suite, with lyrics that border on mystical and a sense of musical adventurousness that takes them through fairly straightforward folk, cutesy electro-pop and some other stuff that sounds half like gypsy music and half like Joanna Newsom, less the harp and the totally kooky voice, if that makes any sense. They’ve since become a six-piece, and they’ve started to earn attention from the blogs for their live shows. They’ve got a full-length scheduled to be released on Cantora Records this year, but the first single, the instant-hit “We Talk Like Machines,” is available now.

Where was your first NYC show? 
The Pitt (underneath the Plum) about two years ago — it was a show put together by Cantora Records with Chief, Rumspringa and Rifle Recoil.  It was packed and we had major technical difficulties, but it went over pretty well. 

Describe the process by which you typically book shows in the city. Sending hard copies of music, links, hooking up with friends, etc.
We try to set things up with friends mostly, and also through existing contacts. We haven’t really contacted many venues cold.

What’s the most/least you’ve ever been paid for a local show?
The most was $250 at Bowery Ballroom, the least I think was actually $0! We won’t mention names…

For what NYC band would you sacrifice your spot on this list? Must name one, lest you seem selfish.
French Horn Rebellion. 

Is there a current trend in the NYC music scene which you find particularly irritating? One you find inspiring or meaningful? 
All the very DIY venues in New York are great, and it’s encouraging to see so many people wanting to be involved in the live music scene by curating, promoting and hosting their own shows.

Do you ever consider moving the band to another city?
No, we haven’t considered that.  We are all pretty solidly based in NYC.

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