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Among the many things we love about the Beets is that the day after the photo shoot where we took all the photos you’re looking at right now, we saw images from a show the band had played the night before, and we realized they’d come to the shoot, three-quarters of them hours late (the other quarter totally prompt), wearing the same clothes they wore on stage just hours earlier. Another thing we’re way down with is that two of the band members are actually from here: Jackson Heights, Queens, to be exact, which is obviously a rarity. But more than anything, it’s their effortless take on 60s garage-rock, less of the poppy, Beatles-aping variety that’s typically associated with the era, but more of a rhythmic, plodding variety, with guitars that seem every bit as percussive as the drums, and snotty, joint vocals that are almost chanted more than sung. They just released their debut full-length: a 12-song 12” LP called The Beets Spit in the Face of People Who Don’t Want to be Cool, a title that works on about one million levels.

When did the band form?
The band formed on May 31st, 2008.

Where was your first NYC show?
May 31, 2008 at Goodbye Blue Monday.

Describe the process by which you typically book shows in the city.
We’ve never really booked our own shows, we’ve been very lucky to have a lot of great people come to us and ask us to be on their bills.

For what NYC band would you sacrifice your spot on this list? Must name one, lest you seem selfish.

Air Waves and German Measles. We would love to be their sacrificial lambs.

Is there a current trend in the NYC music scene which you find particularly irritating? One you find inspiring or meaningful?
We aren’t really aware of music scenes, not hip to the jive. We just feel there are a handful of really good bands and they happen to be our friends. Is that a scene?

Do you ever consider moving the band to another city?
We wouldn’t dream of moving out of New York, what are you, retarded?  Two of The Beets have their parents here in good ol’ Jackson Heights, represent.

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  • I’m assuming that when you mean “band to watch”, you mean it in the same way one watches out for dogshit on the sidewalk, right?

  • Oh, hey beard-o-phile. Cool name. Of the many things I so enjoy about your comment, the one thing I’m most fond of is how you put “band to watch” in quotations, even though the name of the feature is “8 NYC Bands You Need to Hear.” I guess you had to make your grade-school-level joke work somehow, right?