WTF? Conflict of Interest Much, Sulzberger?

04/30/2009 2:44 PM |

So, Carlos Slim gave the NY Times a gajillion dollars. And then Arthur Sulzburger Jr. writes a fawning profile of Carlos Slim for TIME‘s Hot 100 People bullshit or whatever. This is why it’s so easy to gin up outrage at the liberal media elites. Damn it. You’re pissing in our pool, Punch, or Pinch, or Pancho, or whatever.

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  • The whole thing with the TIME 100 is getting finding famous/powerful people to stroke off their famous/powerful friends to the tune of 250 words or so. So I might suggest that this particular entry is different in degree more than in kind — creepily insider-y rather than merely distastefully self-congratulatory. (I could probably parse those degrees even finer if called upon, what else are words for?)

  • I like the way Rolling Stone does these because most of the time the writer-subject pairings are pretty insulting to the subject. Avril Lavigne on Kurt Cobain! Jonas Brothers on Oasis!

  • @Mark Asch: Well, when your famous “friends” give you millions of dollars it does become a difference in kind. And Gawker agrees with me, err, took the story (thanks for the credit, Ryan Tate.)…