Your Week in Right-Wing Bitterz

04/24/2009 5:00 PM |

As a service to you — timid liberal elitist New Yorker — I have gone through the week’s comments over at paleoconservative, pseudo-libertarian website Free Republic, to see what has the bitter Freepers in a tizzy. Really, this is just to scare you… It probably won’t help facilitate dialogue between average Americans. Sorry. I just can’t help it.

Your winner, after the jump.

On the subject of the current administration looking into the torture memos (and possibly airing some dirty laundry) impassioned user llevrok [sic?] has this to say about what’s going in the country today:

This is a Civil War.

The facist regime has come in and all who were in the past regime are being executed so they can not come back to power.

Just like Cuba, Venzuela, and other banana republics.

Seems a fair thought, I guess. And if this guy’s user signature is anything to go by, at least the impending CIVIL WAR will be good for a few warm chuckles: “Save the earth! Outlaw silicone chest implants.”

HAHAHAHAH-[takes rubber bullet in shoulder, lies down for nap]