A Fireside Chat About Hiroshima, New Jersey

05/14/2009 2:05 PM |

2a54/1242313421-ihavebeentohiroshima.jpgToday, playwright Chiori Miyagawa’s newest work, I Have Been to Hiroshima Mon Amour opens at the Ohio Theatre in Soho. Recently, The L had the opportunity to ask the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based playwright some questions about her play, her favorite New York companies and her other non-theater interests. You can read the interview here. Miyagawa’s play revolves around the 1945 atomic bomb detonation that leveled the city, beginning with a young Japanese woman whose lover is away at war when she’s killed by the blast, then following her ghost as she sees her surviving partner begin a relationship with a French actress in the rebuilt city. The play is also the centerpiece of the Hiroshima Project, which explores the legacy of that tragic event in a series of readings, screenings and lectures continuing through the end of the month.