Amiri Baraka Gets Tanked

05/13/2009 4:33 PM |

680b/1242189162-leroijones.jpgA new adaptation of The Dutchman, Amiri Baraka‘s last play written under his birth name (Leroi Jones, like at right), opens a four-day run at The Tank in Midtown tonight. First produced in 1964, the entire piece takes place in a New York subway car, when a black man and a white woman meet, flirt, argue and fight over racial and gendered stereotypes, class identity and the psychological repercussions of centuries of oppression. Things end rather controversially, but we’re wondering if maybe in light of a recent primary election this particular production won’t conclude a little differently. This production of Dutchman (directed by Genevieve Saenz, starring Rotimi Paul and Chris Staffel) ends with a 3pm matinee on Sunday, tickets cost $10, and are available here.