Art Looks Better in Queens

05/10/2009 8:30 AM |

51b4/1241818814-ip12-large_4.jpgSo it’s a sunny Sunday, Manhattan and Brooklyn are in summer mode already, and we’re thinking the only way to find some breathing room is to make like Eddie Murphy in Coming to America and head to Queens. We especially recommend visiting Q-boro today because of several artsy goings on. First, Astoria’s Socrates Sculpture Park kicks off its State Fair and summer exhibition today from 2-6pm. If you leave the park a little early, you can also catch the opening reception for the summer exhibitions at Sculpture Center (work pictured) in Long Island City, from 5-7pm.

Then of course there’s always P.S.1, whose current Kenneth Anger exhibition is phenomenal, and Deitch Studios, whose sprawling blockbuster show Pig is so spectacular we can’t really remember if it’s good or not. And hopefully that’s how you’ll feel about Queens after spending your Sunday there.