Book Deal of the Week: Publishing-Biz Nepotism at Work

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05/05/2009 2:28 PM |

515c/1241548121-dunhamfamily.jpg You, too, can see your dry, academic study of the local metalworking industries of Java become one of the most anticipated titles of the holiday season, provided that before you wrote your anthro dissertation you raised a child as a single mother and now that child is president, of America.

From the Chicago Tribune (via), we learn that Surviving Against the Odds: Village Industry in Indonesia, by the late Stanley Ann Dunham, the president’s moms, will be published by Duke University Press this year. Said Trib item gets us to this bit of information with the rather torturous but wait! lead-in:

“Barack Obama’s mother, who died in 1995, hasn’t written a memoir…”

No. No she has not, for she is dead, and Duke University Press had to sell their Ouija Board for meth money (speculation). Instead, a case study Javanese industrialization. Ka-ching!