Brian Williams Has Better Taste in Music Than You

05/12/2009 2:34 PM |

b083/1242153277-picture_3.pngYesterday, I was so busy listening to this song over and over again that I forgot to post about the best news item I’d seen in weeks. )In retrospect, I’m sorta glad I didn’t, because my headline definitely wouldn’t have been as awesome as this one, and it would have made me really, really angry.) NBC newsman Brian Williams, has a launched a new web series called Bri-Tunes, which he swears, foolishly, that he didn’t name. Let’s let Brian himself explain the series:

“I have always loved identifying good music and good groups — discovering them early (bar bands are best) and following them through their journey. While we’ll interview some established musicians, mostly I’d like this to be a place where people can sample some of the great music being created every day, by talented musicians who wouldn’t dream of doing anything else.”

The first installment is online now, and it features Deer Tick. As if you didn’t already love Brian Williams enough.

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