FREE GOLF! Free Artistic Mini-Golf

05/30/2009 10:00 AM |

14de/1243522239-playingthrough_bwflyer.jpgImagine the coolest thing ever (think about it, it’s mini-golf, isn’t it?), now imagine that coolest thing ever being free, designed by 30 local artists and set up in a giant Sunset Park warehouse. What you’re imagining must look something like Playing Through, a one-day self-described “mini-golf carnival” taking place from noon to midnight today at Industry City (55 33rd St, 2nd Fl).

In addition to the 18-hole course, Playing Through will feature a food court of local vendors, beverage carts (serving soda and beer), a cotton-candy machine and a “popcorn waterfall.” Serious putters will want to hit the links early so they are all mini-golfed out by the time live music starts at 9pm. Click here for all the details.

(via Brooklyn Paper via Curbed)