Good News from the Wing Nut Commentariat?

05/13/2009 1:36 PM |

8c2a/1242235036-911eagle.jpg As we sometimes like to do — as a service to you, dear liberal, terrorist-loving, baby-aborting, gay-marrying New Yorker — we just spent a little time toodling through the comment sections of this great nation’s great conservative blogs. We’re taking the temperature, as it were, of the far right.

Today’s topic is the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s decision to back formerly gay single Floridian and confirmed orange man, Governor Charlie Crist in his primary battle with rising conservative star Marco Rubio. The wing nuts at Red State are pissed because Crist is a gay moderate and Rubio is young wing nut, like them. So why is this good news for libtards (like me!)? Take it away commenter IJB:

There is *no* bridge right now between the Republican leadership (especially in the Senate) and the rank-and-file base. We despise each other.

The only way this ends is if one side utterly defeats the other. […]

The only way this party is going to change is if we *thwack* these idiots and put them in their place once and for all. WE have to be the “boss”, not them.

So, there you go, further evidence of how deep the fault lines run in the Grand Old Party.