It’s Raining, Sorta. Stay Inside and Watch TV.

05/14/2009 5:06 PM |

967e/1242334950-holly.jpgIf your plans for this evening consist of anything other than sitting in front of your television and maybe eating delicious snacks, well then I hope at the very least you have lots of extra space on your DVR. Tonight, NBC will air season finales for its entire Thursday night lineup, plus you’ve got the Grey’s Anatomy finale, and the second episode of The Fashion Show, which I made fun of once before but is actually pretty great. Details after the jump.

My Name Is Earl (8pm, NBC)
OK, you got me. I haven’t seen more than a few minutes of this show in my whole life, and I have a feeling I’m blowing it. says “In the Season 4 finale, Earl takes on a karmic cause to find young Dodge’s real father. Norm Macdonald reprises his role as Little Chubby.” Whatever that means.

Parks and Recreation (8:30pm, NBC)
I’ve had my issues with the first season of this show, but it continues to get a few laughs every week, as I imagine it will again during tonight’s finale, when the focus shifts from the borderline insufferable Leslie (Poehler) and toward Ann (Rashida Jones) and her husband Andy, whose band is playing its first show since he fell in the pit and broke his legs. I just can’t quite figure out how the season’s over already. Wasn’t it, like, five episodes? Weak.

Grey’s Anatomy (9pm ABC)
What? No, I don’t watch this shit. My wife does. My wife does, I said, and she tells me that during tonight’s SPECIAL TWO HOUR SEASON FINALE, we’re gonna find out what the hell’s going on with Derek and Meredith, Izzie’s going have to decide on a course of treatment for the cancer that’s killing her, and that Mark and Lil’ Grey will reach a crossroads in their relationship. Presumably, someone will also talk to a shrink and the very point of the episode will be spelled out clearly, as if we’re all incapable of thinking actual thoughts.

The Office (9pm NBC)
All things considered, it’s been a pretty good season for the show so far, with some of the more annoying facets of previous seasons being addressed nicely. Most notably, Jim and Pam are becoming ever so slightly more likable now that they don’t seem quite so much like the Perfect Couple. Jim ran into some trouble with the new boss, and Pam made another terrible decision when she left Dunder Mifflin—watching them cope has been a joy. Tonight, Michael and the hilarious (and sorely missed) Holly are reunited.

30 Rock (9:30pm NBC)
There was a really great piece over at Slate last week, about a sneaky conservative streak that runs through the heart of 30 Rock, and it’ll be interesting to see if what writer Jonah Weiner sees as as a subtle bit of anti-feminism from a self-proclaimed feminist in Tina Fey will rear its head again tonight, in the Season 3 finale. It seems like a perfect opportunity for Weiner’s theory to be disproved, though, as Jack sets off to find his biological father—exactly the kind of mission that could yield such disappointment that Jack winds up crawling to LIz for consolation rather than the other way around.

The Fashion Show (10pm Bravo)
Ok, yes, Kelly Rowland is a judge, and that is really fucking lame. And yes, the catch phrase used to send home a contestant at the end of each episode is “Sorry, we’re just not buying it,” which is also really fucking lame (and far too harsh, by the way—think about how silly it’s going to sound when there are only two people left, and the judge’s all genuinely like both of them, but are forced to choose a winner anyway). I’m telling you, though, it is exactly the same as Project Runway, and thus completely awesome, obviously. You will miss Tim Gunn (not Heidi, though, or anyone else, either), but the truth is they may even have improved on Runway by using the exact same forma as Top Chef, with quick-fire challenges and all that. I know you’re kinda bitter about this show even existing, and that you wrote it off as soon as you heard about it, but I promise: watch it once, and you’ll be as hooked in as you are by the Proj. It’s not better, it’s just… the same.

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