Let’s Talk About Art, Baby

05/06/2009 5:17 PM |

9422/1241624863-arcangel.jpgIn tonight’s edition of the Public Art Fund lecture series, Buffalo-bred, Brooklyn-based web designer, digital media artist, performer, satirist and generally multi-multimedia talented fellow Cory Arcangel discusses his work to date, some of the things we can expect to see from him in the months ahead and the general state of things in art.

If you’ve seen The Generational at the New Museum you may have missed Arcangel’s contribution (at right) — which hangs right next to the attention-grabbing sleep performance created by Chu Yun — but he’s very much interested in the ways that new visual culture and perpetually changing media technology are shaping new artistic production and warping our relationship to earlier periods in art. Tonight’s talk is happening at The New School, starts at 6:30pm and tickets cost a measly $5 (free for students). Click here for full details.