Live the Undead Dream: Be a Zombie

05/31/2009 8:02 AM |

2e08/1243663306-zombiesevents.jpgHalloween is still months away and yet there are two (2!) zombie events in New York today (sort of) to sate your hunger for portraying a brain-munching limper. Firstly, 800 extras are needed to play zombies one week from today on Governor’s Island for the filming of Isle of the Dead, a forthcoming remake of a classic Val Lewton production that, as far as I can tell, is the work of one of my favorite artists collectives The Bruce High Quality Foundation (which seems odd). At any rate, the RSVP deadline is tomorrow, so make like Apache and jump on it!

Meanwhile, you can practice your zombie moves in the city’s first Zombie Walk of 2009, which starts today at 2pm in Williamsburg at The Charleston (174 Bedford Ave, between N 7th and N 8th Sts). After some makeup sessions and practice runs (and drinking for the zombies of legal age), the walk lurches up to McCarren Park and back down to South Williamsburg to end up at Duff’s (168 Marcy Ave, between S 5th and Broadway). Click here for full details.

(via Vulture)