Maine: The Way Life Should Be

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05/06/2009 3:09 PM |

fc6e/1241636983-twinlobsterspecialhuh.jpgOnce upon a time, people from my hometown had to come here to New York to live out their sparkly dreams. They still do, probably, but they have to go home to get married, now that our lame-duck Democrat governor, John “Bald” Baldacci, has signed a bill to legalize same-sex marriage (and offered a quite fair, balanced explanation of why).

Alas there will probably be a referendum to overturn the bill in November — as I recall antigay ballot initiatives have done pretty well in Maine, in the past — but, wow, as if people needed another reason to have their wedding in Maine.

This Twin Lobster special? Gay. Gaygaygay, gay. Lobsters, gay together. Gay lobsters, from Maine.

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  • In preparing this feature, I iChatted L Magazine Art Director and fellow Mainer Cecilia Ziko the results of a Google Image Search for “Twin Lobster”, and asked her which picture she thought looked the gayest.

    So, if you think those lobsters are totally just close friends, and were probably killed and framed as gay following an attempted threesome with lobster Winona Ryder, take it up with her.

  • trust me, those lobsters are wicked gay.