Rev. Billy Takes on Immigrant Detention Centers

05/05/2009 12:53 PM |

“…is connection!” Savitri says, finishing his sentence. “Electrical connection.” Choristers connect jumper cables from one of the rented vans to the family’s car and, after a minute, the car starts. “It’s a miracle!” Billy shouts. Everyone applauds.

All photos Brennan Cavanaugh

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  • Henry,
    Thanks for this moving story on the injustce being perpetrated on immigrants. Rev Billy is a facinating character, and you’ve captured his essence.As Slade Cleaves aptly sang, “all of us are immigrants”
    Gary Johnson

  • This story really touched my heart..I guess there are good hearted people like Rev Billy who feel sympathy for illegal immigrants..not too many American do. They don’t understand all the hardships that they as well as their families go through. My sister’s boyfriend is being transfered to the Varick st. Facility after 9 months of awaiting in jail for his criminal case to be dismissed..thankfully it finally did. I wish there were something I can do to change all this disgusting unjust system towards illegal immigrants…people don’t know the humiliation my sisters boyfriend went through all these nine months…all the suffering his family has gone through…and now we continue to pray that he will hopefully not be deported heart goes out to him as well as to all these innocent detainees to stay strong enough to face this unjust system that needs to be changed!!