Sonia Sotomayor Is (Probably) Your Next Supreme Court Justice; What Do the Bitterz Think?

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05/27/2009 8:26 AM |

2b70/1243371051-sotomayor.jpgHoly crap, six-time Socialist presidential candidate Norman Thomas! Anyway.

So our next Supreme Court justice will almost certainly be Sonia Sotomayor, unless the Right can somehow make the case that she is simply too female, too Hispanic, too stoopid and too feel-y to hang with such ruthlessly brilliant nonideological legal minds as John Roberts. Now, you and I may be happy that, after eight years of this bullshit, we’ll finally be able to have a conversation about the judiciary free of the assumption that anyone who understands (or, rather, says out loud) that judicial rulings shapes society, and that personal experience and political orientation shape judicial outlooks, is somehow an “activist” or whatever. But you know who is not happy about this? The Bitterz. They so rarely are. So, let’s don our HazMat suits and dive into the comments section at Free Republic, shall we?

8:32am, yesterday. Word of the pick has just leaked. Take it away, DogBarkTree:

SOTOMAYOR! Great/ Legislate from the bench why dontcha, puta.

“Puta” is Spanish for “whore”. That was quick! You should hand out with “NoObamaFightForConservatives”, who notes:

“Obama is a radical marxist emptysuited long legged mack daddy fool.”

Oh, poor poor Bitter, “long legged mack daddy” is actually a compliment, in the 1970s “street parlance” you are attempting to use to make the point, certainly germane to this discussion, that our president is half-black.

“ziravan” notes:

THIS choice was putting her typecast above her age and health.

I guess “typecast” is a reference to her demographic and historical significance as the Court’s first Hispanic justice, and up-from-poverty life story? This Bitter continues:

She’s a little older and her health is not great.

That you, Jim Bunning? Or perhaps you are posting under the name “Jedidah”?

“HAD” diabetes? Nope, she HAS diabetes. And that might be a good thing, because she will likely not live as long as recent Justices are wont to do.

Pardon the un-PC.

You don’t mean that.

Playing the “Sonia Sotomayor has a stoopid” card is “rbmillerjr”, who suggests that she’s no intellectual, and that her pick is more affirmative action than merit-based:

She (Princeton ’76, summa cum laude; Yale Law 1979) probably couldn’t get 2nd place at a good private high school mock trial club.

(I may have accidentally added that stuff in the parentheses there.) “rbjmiller” continues:

I’m sitting here unable to work, staing out the window in total disbelief that Obama is the POTUS.

Worse, I remember going through this with Clinton and thinking (yeah, but he’s a one termer)

I need a positive to happen…Israel bombing Iran…something (yikes egads)

Yeah, if Israel bombed Iran that would really improve all of our lives immeasurably. Thanks, bitterz, for that happy thought for the day.