Vulcan: The Soul of Spock

05/06/2009 4:00 AM |

With J.J. Abrams’ reboot of the Star Trek franchise about to hit theaters, critic and new L video essayist Matt Zoller Seitz muses on the appeal of Mr. Spock, the duality of man, all that stuff:

For a transcript, click here.

Brooklyn-based filmmaker Matt Zoller Seitz is a former film critic for The New York Times and New York Press, the founder of the website The House Next Door, and a contributor to Moving Image Source.

One Comment

  • Spock’s straightening of his uniform as he is dying was an important action that most people missed.

    With his dying breath, he was honoring the ideals by which he lived by. He loved Starfleet, and what it represented.

    He loved Kirk too, and Bones (although he would never admit it to him) and the ship he served…

    But it was Starfleet that came first. Jim came a very, very close second.

    The needs of the many, was what he served. You could tell that he was proud to do just that.

    By the way, I loved that line “Silk bow, tied around a hand grenade”. Can I steal it?

    I mean that seriously.