All Your Northside Music and Arts Festival Coverage, Right Here at The L Magazine

06/10/2009 4:00 AM |

As of 3pm this afternoon, the first annual Northside Festival will officially be upon us. I assume you’ve already bought your four-day badge, because they’re only $45 and therefore worth it even if you only plan on going to the open bars on the rooftops of Studio B and the Juliette every day from 5-8pm. But if you haven’t, there’s still time. Just walk on over to the Festival headquarters at 60 N.6th Street and pick one up in person, and get yourself out there to hear some music and see some art. That’s really all we expect from you. Here’s what you can expect from us.

Throughout the festival, we’ll be providing coverage here on the website, mostly through the blog. We’ve got a handful of writers who will be out there interviewing bands about their experiences at Northside, and filing daily recaps of everything they managed to catch the day before. Should anything interesting happen during the day, we’ll be doing our best to post about it immediately. Even if it’s just that we found an L Magazine employee passed out drunk on Bedford Avenue [Ed. Hi there! You mean me?].

We’ve also got photographers running all over the place: from shows to parties, to art exhibitions and special events, they’ll be documenting everything in great detail, and we’ll post their photos every day, probably multiple times a day.

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for video—we’ll have “videographers” with tiny, tiny video cameras, wandering the streets for four days, talking to you, the festival attendees, about what shows you’ve seen, what shows you’re planning to see, how drunk you are, etc. All we ask is that you don’t say anything bad about us. We’re feeling really vulnerable right now.

One more thing: You should follow us on Twitter. We’ll be using it to spread the word about last minute schedule changes, unannounced special guests, and all sorts of other things, including one we’re particularly excited about. We’ve handpicked eight bands (no, not those eight bands) to have play short, acoustic sets outdoors during the festival. We’ll announce the bands and the location a few hours before they’re scheduled to begin, so make sure to check your phone often, lest you miss something awesome.

Enjoy the festival, everyone. And if you see one of us, please do say hello.