Art at Northside: Steven Brower at Parker’s Box

06/14/2009 1:00 PM |

bd8a/1244912395-brower.jpgOne of the most charming exhibitions I’ve made it to during Northside is Steven Brower’s delightfully quirky and clever BPL Mission 003 : Pre-Launch Operations Test (PLOT) at Parker’s Box (193 Grand St). It’s a wacky mash-up of a historical exhibition, a science museum, a contemporary installation and mission control for an upcoming space launch.

The “BPL” in its title stands for Brower Propulsion Laboratory (which consists solely of Brower), and the group’s latest project involves tracking a major journey (literal and figurative) in American art history: painter Thomas Moran’s 1871 expedition to the Yellowstone region of present-day Montana. Brower will be retracing that excursion using roboticized spacecraft, obviously, and with his launch date set for August he’s hard at work with research and planning. He’s taking a break from his intense pre-launch work schedule to explain some of the ideas behind the project today at 5pm at Parker’s Box. Click here for more information about the exhibition, and click here for a full schedule of Art events at Northside.