Exploring the Globe

06/24/2009 4:00 AM |

Who knew life behind the Iron Curtain was so much fun? (Not us,
having been fed so much propaganda from the American capitalist
machine! Whoops, too much time with the socialists.) Keep your eye on
Barynya’s performance calendar (barynya.com) because the Russian ensemble
performs folk songs and dances in the Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian,
Jewish and Gypsy styles at events throughout the city and tri-state
area all summer long. Expect a lot of tall hats and kicking, like that
one scene in Fantasia.

You could sup at The Russian Tea Room (150 W 57th St), which was
founded by members of the Russian Imperial Ballet many decades ago, but
you probably won’t have time because no trip through New York’s Russian
and Soviet communities would be complete without a visit to Brighton
. Take the Q to Brooklyn to see the bakeries, the beach, the
slatted sunlight through the elevated train tracks, the elderly
refugees scattered like pigeons. Close off your night at the nearby
Rasputin (2670 Coney Island Ave), a cabaret, nightclub, concert venue
and restaurant. Its website brags that it has the “best legs in
Brooklyn.” They say it’s like Vegas. And don’t they say the same thing
about Moscow? Nyet? •