Green Hero of the Week: The Greenhorns

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06/11/2009 11:43 AM |

7d89/1244670310-throwdown-poster1.jpgThe Greenhorns is a Hudson Valley nonprofit that works with young prospective farmers — the 4H Club meets CSA, basically, I think. Though I’m sure I’d know more if there was like a documentary about the new movement back towards local, sustainable farming — oh, look, the Greenhorns are working on such a documentary, and raising funds for it with an event next Saturday, the 20th.

The Greenhorns Block Party and Goat Spit (yes, really), will feature a bike-powered goat rotisserie (see!) along with lots of other food; presentations and live music (from Candidate Billy‘s Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir among others); all on haybales spread out on the corner of Sackett and Henry.

These guys apparently host regular “young farmer mixers, pirate seed swaps, barn dances and crop mobs”, so we trust you’ll be in good hands. The goat, too.